JavaScript development is often overly complicated.

Even simple applications become a complex tangle of frameworks, build tools, state managers, services, and protocols.

Simple. Productive. Powerful.

Sipp is a MVC, server-rendered TypeScript framework that makes sane default choices so you can build quickly and maintain for long-term.

Production-Grade Out of the Box.

Everything you need to ship a production application.


Sipp brings together stable and mature packages from the JavaScript ecosystem to provide a integrated, rock-solid development experience.

Purpose-Built For Small Teams with Big Ambitions.

Sipp aims to be the best, most-reliable choice for teams of 1-5 developers.

It is for the 95% of applications that do not require a Single Page Application framework.


Get early access before it's open sourced and publicly available. Regular updates. Influence technology choices.

p.s., once you've submitted, make sure to check your email and confirm your interest.

Still Want more?

Check out the starter kit to get a feel for how Sipp code looks.